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started out itís activities as The Art Deco Society Auckland Inc., and was formed in 1996 to promote the preservation of Art Deco Architecture in Auckland, New Zealand. It has become a valuable network for lovers of all things Art Deco; from literature, music, sculpture, antiques and collectibles of the era through to fashion and interior design.

With the Auckland City Councilís adoption of the Auckland Unitary Plan in 2016,  the conditions and power to preserve our Local Heritage changed completely. Many previously protected  pre-1940ís buildings lost their status. Pressure from an ever-demanding housing market has seen zoning changes and consents for high density building preservation take preference over preserving our cityís treasured Heritage aesthetic.

In this new climate, there was a need to review, refresh, and    represent our organization in an innovative and effective way. 

We aim to educate, inspire and encourage our community to celebrate and work to preserve the very unique Heritage and aesthetic we have in our city.


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